Moroccan Table Setting

A Moroccan inspired design is one of the popular design to add unique fair to your events.  This design allows you to incorporate many fun elements as part of your event design. Many unique design elements were incorporated in this design to add vibrance to the table setting. Unique elements like hookah, teal apothecary jars, gold and blue Moroccan votive, tea pots, tassels are a few to mention. We incorporated a beautiful vibrant silk overlay as linen. Exquisite floral like vibrant pink and white peonies, purple vanda orchids, open coral rose blooms and white phalaenopsis orchids were used to embellish this tables. 

1_Moroccan Table Setting.JPG
2_Moroccan Table Setting.JPG
3_Moroccan Table Setting.JPG
4_Moroccan Place Setting.JPG
5_Moroccan Linen.JPG
6_Coral Rose.JPG
7_Moroccan Teapot.JPG
8_White Peonies.JPG
9_Vanda Orchids.JPG
10_Indian Shoes.JPG
11_Indian Riser.JPG
12_White Orchids.JPG
14_Gold Votives.JPG
16_Vibrant Linen.JPG
17_Napkin treatment.JPG