Feist your eyes on some color

A huge inspiration for this setting came from 
the middle east and beautiful places like India, Morocco, Marrakesh, 
and where inspiration and color is in abundance.

We incorporated a beautiful silk overlay which is from India. 
The infamous hookah paired with hot pink peonies, vanda orchids 
and full open roses are just exquisite!
Multicolor votive, tassels, teapot and a lot more 
details were used on this table setting.

Exquisite pair of"Juti"(Indian shoes) were flown in from India for this.
In a couple of weeks you will see more of these infamous "Juti's"
which are being flown in from India as I am writing this post!

PS: You get a sneak peek of "Arturo" as a Sultan.
A whole new post is scheduled for this, keep Reading!

Chi & Tony's wedding 
aboard Lord Hornblower

Chi and Tony met with very excited, nervous just as every 
other couple that looks forward to having a wonderful wedding. 
Chi wanted to incorporate a soft palette with 
soft pink as it is her favorite color.
We incorporated gorgeous fluffy white peonies, full open roses, 
white calla lilies embellished with 2 beautiful broaches. 
They had a tea ceremony which was just 
for family and it held at their home. 
The reception was held on the Lord Hornblower where after 
the wedding you get to enjoy the beautiful sunset.
We wish Chi and Tony a wonderful married life together. 

Tiffany & Troy's Wedding
@ Darlington House

The Darlington House is another location
in San Diego which has its own beauty
and is one of the reasons why Tiffany and Troy
had their eyes set on it.
An all white wedding was planed
with accents of charcoal grey.
We used full open white peonies for Tiffany's bouquet
embellished with a beautiful broach.
Along the aisle we used vases where custom floral
were designed along the neck of the vase with
all white mini roses. 
 A simple and intimate wedding for the beautiful couple.
We wish them a wonderful life together.


Couple of weeks ago I got a call from Hector
for his parents Birthday Party and
I was excited to hear from him.
He gave a rough idea of what he wanted
and this is what we came up with.  
My Favorite part was to design the floral for the pool
(and of course see my friends)
I assumed the pool was the ocean and
my floral are a deserted tropical island.
I hope I did justice.

It was wonderful to do floral and set them up for you.

With lots of Love.......

San Diego Style Weddings Tabletop 09/10

This was the table table we did that is being featured in the San Diego Style Wedding Magazine.
We used plethora of peonies in Hot Pink, Soft Pink and White with hot pink roses and mango calla lilies.

These are couple of details that did not get featured. Morocan Glasses, Beautiful bird nest for desert and many more.

Garrett Photography did an amazing job capturing these images in La Costa Spa and Resort.

Pretty in Pink

An exquisite bouquet with amazing peony booms, mango calla lilies, hot pink roses and a beautiful gold broach to give that special finishing touch.

This was a photoshoot for San Diego Style Wedding Magazine hitting the stands this fall.

"A Night in Kaspa" was the theme of this tabletop. Garrett Photography, took some amazing pictures for us! Thank you very much and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Nahid from Wedding Elegance made it everything go smooooooth....;-)

Always a pleasure to work with you!!!!

To use all Hot Pink Roses, a mixture of Soft Pink, White and Hot Pink Peonies just made it spectacular. The peonies just opened up perfect on the day of the shoot.