Feist your eyes on some color

A huge inspiration for this setting came from 
the middle east and beautiful places like India, Morocco, Marrakesh, 
and where inspiration and color is in abundance.

We incorporated a beautiful silk overlay which is from India. 
The infamous hookah paired with hot pink peonies, vanda orchids 
and full open roses are just exquisite!
Multicolor votive, tassels, teapot and a lot more 
details were used on this table setting.

Exquisite pair of"Juti"(Indian shoes) were flown in from India for this.
In a couple of weeks you will see more of these infamous "Juti's"
which are being flown in from India as I am writing this post!

PS: You get a sneak peek of "Arturo" as a Sultan.
A whole new post is scheduled for this, keep Reading!