Blush Tall Centerpieces | San Diego Wedding Florist

When you walk into a reception most guest look for that wow factor.
Something that can blow your mind away.
 For example, A fabulous and opulent design
(not only floral but also the whole design of the event),
 to see something unexpected, a non recurring theme are a few to mention.

I am partial to floral (and always will be)
so I tend to lean to a more tall and opulent design.
We used a clean tall vase with hanging crystals and orchids with
peach roses, soft pink and hot pink roses and a splash of blush roses.
We added gold sequin lace linen, gold chargers and
gold flatware from our personal collection.
We will be designing almost 40 of these beautiful centerpieces
for a wedding thats coming up soon.
So now imagine your guest walking into a ballroom with 40 of
of these beautiful centerpieces which will blow their mind away!

Cannot imagine?
I will post pictures on my Instagram be sure to check it out HERE.