DIY Floral Handbag

Now I bet every girl would wanna carry a floral bag.
Today, I'm going to show you how to make them.
Lets jump right into it.

Things you would need

1) You would need a floral form
2) An old wire
3)Old fabric to wrap around the form
4) Hot Glue
5) Corsage pins
6) Mini roses from your garden.
How to make a floral bag

1)Cut the floral form into the shape of a bag.
2) Since the form is pretty sturdy you can insert 
this thick wire in the form. 
Just so the wire does not come apart use hot glue to 
glue to wire to the form.
3) Wrap the bag with some old fabric.
I used a piece of old satin fabric.
4) Wrap the handle (the wire) with a ribbon
5) To add some extra something something,
I blinged out the handle.

6) Apply hot glue on the bag and star gluing the roses.
7) Just so the roses don't fall use corsage pins
to hold the roses to the form.
8) Glue roses on the side and the top on the form.
You don't have to add roses at the bottom of the bag.

                                                            Ttaada the bag is done.