3 Beautiful Bouquets.

We try and make something different 
yet very similar in some aspects.
Three simple and beautiful white bouquets for this past weekend.
Starting from the left, we have all white roses with fragrant 
gardenias wrapped with beautiful gold lace.
This bouquet is classic and timeless!
The middle one is another gorgeous beauty with full 
open white roses, white cymbidium orchids, calla lilies 
and stephanotis embellished with pearls. 
Many brides love stephanotis, its dainty and beautiful!
The 3rd lovely one is with all white roses with
soft pink cymbidium orchids wrapped with a beautiful
gold lace.
So now you can pick any one of these 3 bouquets and 
you would look fabulous walking down the aisle. 
All white yet with a very slight hint of color!