3rd Blog Anniversary 

I don’t say this often but today I want to say 
From the bottom of my Heart. 
I am truly blessed to have wonderful family and friends. 
To my Beautiful Brides, I would be nothing with you! 
Thank you for Trusting me and allowing 
me to be a part of your Special day!
I started blogging 3 April 2009. 
Today is my 3rd “BlogAnniversary “.   
3 Years and still going good.  
When all this Social Media, Blogging, started I was like” 
This is going to be my Cross”. 
After digging deeper I realized that this is 
NOT my cross and it is a Blessing.  
 If you remember when I had my consultations, 
I had my Black leather books and horrible old fashioned photographs. 
Today my Blog has made it so easy 
not only for me but also you. 
You can scroll on and on and find more and more inspirations.   
With Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest we try and 
reach out to spread daily inspiration via our Blog.
Here is my first Image from my first blog post. 
Thank you for following and we hope to keep you inspired ALWAYS.

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Lots of Love