Nautical Bouquet

White bouquets are very versatile. 
You can make them glamorous with crystals and jewels,
 vintage inspired with lace and features,
or go simple with just roses and gardenia.

For this bouquet we were inspired by a nautical theme 
and used shells and burlap paired with all garden roses.
This is one of the reason I love white bouquets.
You can never go wrong.
Simple, classic and yet timeless.
Have a fabulous day!

Chris & Yanell's Wedding

It was a wonderful experience working with Yanell.
They were looking for a very simple and intimate
wedding for friends and family.
The Culyware house a nice place they selected
for the reception. The rough textured walls ,
wonderful lighting, and lounge furniture created
a wonderful ambiance.

We wish Chris and Yanell a wonderful life together.

Jenny and Steve's Wedding

Jenny was on mind this week & it was special as it was my Birthday on the same day!!!
Ceremony and Reception at the MCRD Chapel and Bay View was just gorgeous!!!

A Beautiful bouquet with all gorgeous white peonies, mini white cuymbediums, white calla lilies and ivory roses just made it spectacular.

Isn't she Lovely!!!!

Melissa Barrad from I Do...Weddings! just made it all look so simple.
Thank you Melissa!

White and Ivory Wedding!!!

White & Ivory are such a beautiful and elegant combination yet very elegant and sophesticated. We used all White Roses, Ivory Roses, Hydrangeas and Curly Willow.

Angela and Ramzy had very simple ceremony followed by reception at the Omni Hotel!

It was so beautiful!!!

Thats me after finalizing the set up! Whooo....Hooo!!!!

Mousa & Amera
From the start Amera did not want just beautiful, she wanted Spectacular. She left no stone unturned to see her wedding be one HUGE CELEBRATION that she would never forget in her whole life.
Ceremony at the Greek Orthodox Church in San Diego followed by the Reception in Manchester Grand Hyatt was absolutely magnificent for 450 guest.
Amera and Mousa decide to use white which is clean, fresh, pure yet a very Elegant and Sophesticated look.
Orchids are what came to our mind and to add a plethora of them arranged together with the perfect lighting was just incredible.

The Ceremony was very simple with all white roses and White Dogwood with the romantic glow of candle lights from the white floating candle, made the church much more beautiful!!!

Amera's Bouquet was "The most important" for me. Using all soft pink Peonies with a lot of Jewels and Crystal Bands made the bouquet very exquisite and classy!!!

Carol Bernardino from Elite Events just like always made it smooth sailing for this wedding!


One of the most ROMANTIC place in San Diego.
In the middle of no where this Beautiful Beverly Mansion stands, with it fasinating view of this lake and gazebo. A perfect place for a fairy tale wedding.

I had the opportunity to do a couple weddings there myself and it just magical when you see the bride walk down the aisle and later when the horse driven cairage takes the couple away.
Just like in the fairy tales.

Its Spring time and it a damm crime to be tense when the flowers are in bloom again!!!!!

Beautiful Spring Flowers, great weather and Sun Shine, it makes everything so bright and cheerful!

I would like to thank Sabrin from La Dolce Idea Weddings & Soirees, hosted gathering(I would like to say party!!!! makes me feel good;)) for all Vendors. It was a honor for me to design something very special for each and every table.
To do something different for each and every table was very exiting!!!

Beautiful hydrangea blooms, Tulips, Green Roses, White Roses, Lavender Roses, Lilac, Orchids, Cusions, yellow forsettia are the flowers we used for this event.

Jeff McCue from La Vida Creations Photography graciously captured these images.
Check out his blog.....Its Amazing, love it!!
Thank you very much Jeff!!!