Effile tower inspired centerpiece | Paris theme centerpiece

Many are inspired by the french and the level of sophisticated elegance
the french bring to the table. In the design world we look to the
french for inspiration to incorporate the details in our weddings and designs.
From Paris, Effile tower, country side, Versailles, Marie Antoinette are
 few of the many ideas that can be incorporated in a design.
Click on Couture and Paris, Effile tower, country side
Versailles, Marie Anntionette, Vintage and Romantic
 and you will see ArtQuest's rendition of design.

We selected the infamous Effile tower and decided the wrap
the tower with crisp white phaleonopsis orchids.
As much as I wanted to design with roses(which I designed HERE)
I used orchids, as they are a blend of sophistication and elegance.
We paired this centerpiece with a soft lavender satin linen, chargers
flatware and stemware from our personal collection.

This would be perfect for a Bridal shower, Wedding or Baby shower.
I recorded a video of this table setting 
on my Instagram which you can see HERE.

White Short Centerpiece

I love a beautiful lush white centerpiece.
It's a timeless classic and you can never go wrong with this choice.
We paired this lovely centerpieces with orchids, peonies and roses
with a lovely linen from our very own collection.

I most definitely love the clean white lines of a white centerpieces.
However, on the other hand I always debate if adding some
color would bring more warmth to the table??

I let you decide.
Do you prefer a simple monochromatic centerpieces like this one
a centerpieces that brings more warmth to the table
with hints of some colors with some blush roses.
check out the link HERE

Elizabeth and Zach's Wedding at NTC.

A lovely white wedding to start of the week.
This is Elizabeth and Zach's wedding we designed 
with white hydrangea blooms, full open roses 
and phalaenopsis orchids.
Elizabeth carried a red rose bouquet with calla lilies
embellished with a beautiful broach. 
We used rustic urns for the ceremony with orchid 
cascading to give a beautiful elegant look.
At the reception we used black candelabras to 
give a rustic yet chic and elegant look for this wedding.
The candelabras were embellished with black jewels.
Beautiful white rosette linens from with black chargers from 
our private collection adorned the tables. 
Candle light is very important and so to give that extra 
special touch we wrapped every 
pillar candle in exquisite black lace.

Christie Gowdy from Basic Black Weddings and Events planned this 
wedding beautifully. You must check out their website 
as she recently re-branded.
Its always a pleasure to work with you Christie. 

Pearls and Orchids. 

Be it Christmas or anytime of the year, this all classic white 
centerpiece with orchids and pearls will never go out of style. 
Trends might come and go, but the classics will always stay.
Beautiful white roses, hydrangeas and orchids paired with
pearls and a vase embellished with miniature crystals stands 
tall and elegant. 

A new day, a new design!

I have been trying to drift towards the non-conventional 
centerpiece recently. A traditional tall centerpiece with a
well rounded design is beautiful. However, more and more clients 
I am meeting now a days, want something different.
A different look and style without straying away from the norm.
So I came up with this piece where I used fluffy white hydrangea blooms, 
dainty and elegant calla lilies, full open exquisite soft pink peonies, 
white phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids.
All the same flowers but a different design.
Like they say "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

We used a simple white love seat covered with a pewter faux fur
to change up the design. 
For 2013, I predict either sequin or faux fur will hit it big.

Peonies and Pearls.

Looking at these pearls and peonies, I miss the 
abundance of peonies during early spring.
I still do spot a few of them here and there now and they are lovely.
These gorgeous peonies in full bloom are simply majestic.
Perfect for a bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony.
The bouquet has the perfect amount of green cymbidiums
paired with soft pink roses and pearls.

Imaging you standing under a gazebo exchanging vows 
with hundreds of the gorgeous hanging fluffy white and pink peonies.
Dream away!

Feist your eyes on some color

A huge inspiration for this setting came from 
the middle east and beautiful places like India, Morocco, Marrakesh, 
and where inspiration and color is in abundance.

We incorporated a beautiful silk overlay which is from India. 
The infamous hookah paired with hot pink peonies, vanda orchids 
and full open roses are just exquisite!
Multicolor votive, tassels, teapot and a lot more 
details were used on this table setting.

Exquisite pair of"Juti"(Indian shoes) were flown in from India for this.
In a couple of weeks you will see more of these infamous "Juti's"
which are being flown in from India as I am writing this post!

PS: You get a sneak peek of "Arturo" as a Sultan.
A whole new post is scheduled for this, keep Reading!

White Roses and White Orchids

Recently we had a chance to show case some of our 
floral arrangements at the La Jolla Woman's Club.
The garden is so beautiful. The ceremony in front of the 
fountain full with white roses and bursting with 
white phaleonopsis orchids, while the centerpiece 
inside was full and flowing with orchids. 
Have an Amazing Monday!

Happy Easter

We wish you and your family and wonderful Happy Easter!
In today's post we set a table with a soft palette with white, 
champagne, ivory, blush and lilac colors.
You can also see my collectible of Mr and Mrs Bunny.
 My most treasured collections!!!
We adorned the arrangements flowing with 
white phalaenopsis orchid, roses and a bouquet of white peonies.

Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore

A couple of weeks ago we had the wonderful pleasure to work at 
Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore for Erika and Hector's wedding! 
 They chose the biltmore as Hector's had proposed 
to Erika on a beautiful romantic day! 
Erika's bouquet was lady slippers orchids, cataleya orchids, 
green cymbediums and ivory roses embellished with a beautiful broach. 
The ceremony was a full of orchids, white phalaenopsis orchid, 
and green cymbedims. It was so romantic to see the couple exchange 
their vows while the sun set. The reception has white and green 
hydrangea blooms with ivory roses with long leis. 
The Mantel was adorned with leis and orchids and floating candles. 
It was a full on production from linen, floral, chargers 
cake riser, and it was a wonderful experience. 
We wish Erika and Hector a wonderful married life together!

Our Lady of Rosary

This past week we had a wonderful opportunity to design 
the floral Arch for the most beautiful mother.
It is truly an honor. 
We used lavender roses, purple dendrobium orchids 
and white roses, and white phalaenopsis Orchid. 
Thanks to the Addolorata from Our Lady of Rosary.

Wedding at Manchester Hyatt

 Adriana and Esteban chose the pool deck at the Manchester Hyatt. 
A beautiful view of the bay and having to celebrate your wedding 
in the Hyatt is killing 2 birds with just one stone. 
Adriana chose to have an all white wedding. 
We used White Hydrangea, White roses, 
Green Amaranthus for the centerpieces. 
We used White Phalaenopsis Orchid, Calla lilies, Roses 
and mini roses for her bouquet with 2 beautiful broaches. 
We wish Adriana and Esteban a wonderful married life together!

Alex and Matt's 
@ MCRD Bay View

Alex and Matt's wedding was at the MCRD Bay View. 
Ceremony on the beautiful lush grass
 and reception in the rustic bay view. 
A soft neural color palette was chosen with combination
of ivory, soft blue white's and greens. 
We incorporated beautiful fluffy blooms of 
hydrangea in white, apple green and baby blue. 
Alex's carried a bouquet with white hydrangea. delicate butterfly 
like white phalaenopsis orchids, white calla lilies which was wrapped 
in a beautiful lace fabric and embellished with a beautiful broach. 
I just loved the idea of the boat for the gifts and the cup cakes. 
We thoroughly had fun and we wish Alex and Matt 
a wonderful married life together. 
Susan it is always a pleasure to work with you!

Melissa and Mathew's 
Wedding at Thursday Club

Melissa lives in Hawaii and with the beauty of the place you 
can see all the beautiful floral and especially orchids and plumeria. 
She wanted to incorporate the plumeria and orchids with a tropical flair. 
We used these beautiful and delicate floral and paired them 
with tropical mostera leaves and White Phalaenopsis Orchids. 
The ceremony was at St. Didacus Catholic Church and 
Reception was at the beautiful Thursday club. 
We had a wonderful time designing the florals for 
Melissa & Mathew a wonderful married life together!

David & Jenny's Wedding
at the Hotel Solemar

Jenny got me me a photo shoot that we did in
Villa De flores which brought back wonderful memories from the shoot.
(The link to shoot is listed below)
She wanted the exact style where hundreds of
white phalaenopsis orchid just draped down
while they exchanged their vows.
 We recreated the same style for her
ceremony and gosh it was amazing.
The wedding was on the roof top of the hotel solemar with
the clear blue sky's and the amazing view of san diego downtown.
Jenny carried an all fushia phalaenopsis orchid bouquet
cascading which was embellished with beautiful broach.
We wish Jenny and David an Amazing married life together!

Autumn & Justin's wedding at Abbey on 5th

We had a wonderful time designing the florals for 
Autumn and Justin's wedding a couple of weeks ago.
Autumn selected a very soft palette with whites, ivory's and soft pinks. 
Autumn loved the softness and the delicate white and pink mini roses. 
We incorporated them everywhere in the reception.
The cuvier park in la jalla set a wonderful backdrop for the ceremony 
where the wonderful couple exchanged their vows and 
used 2 beautiful pieces for the ceremony. 
The reception was just as amazing with abbey on 5th.

It was wonderful to work with Amazing vendors again.
Rachel Leber beautifully planned the wedding,                                                                                          Concepts Event Design provided amazing linens and signature 
line of shabby chic chair and cake was provided by Sweet Cheeks. 
Thank you and we wish Autumn and Justin a 
wonderful and happy married life together.

It's official I am Vintage!!!

The other day I celebrated my 50th 
b'day party and I was very very
happy to see all my family and 
friends gather for a fun fun time. 
I always wanted to celebrate this day with
 my family and friends 
and boy it was an incredible time. 

I will let the Amazing Images speak for themselves.
A huge thanks to Julie Buchta Davis Photography 
for the Amazing Photographs. Thank you very much!

Ocean Front Wedding!

This was an ocean front wedding at the Ocean View Villas.
Beautiful Location where you can have an intimate
wedding with friends and family.
Kick back, Relax with the Ocean and the Beach
right in front of you!

The color Palette for this wedding was Fushia and White.
We used the Fuschia Phalaenopsis Orchids, White
Phalaenopsis Orchid, for the bouquets and centerpieces.
Candle Light does all the magic at this location.
The ceremony was with White Hydrangea Blooms
with Ivory Roses and Orchids.

We wish Jennifer and Brandon a Wonderful
and Happy Married life together!