Pearls and Orchids. 

Be it Christmas or anytime of the year, this all classic white 
centerpiece with orchids and pearls will never go out of style. 
Trends might come and go, but the classics will always stay.
Beautiful white roses, hydrangeas and orchids paired with
pearls and a vase embellished with miniature crystals stands 
tall and elegant. 

Peonies and Pearls.

Looking at these pearls and peonies, I miss the 
abundance of peonies during early spring.
I still do spot a few of them here and there now and they are lovely.
These gorgeous peonies in full bloom are simply majestic.
Perfect for a bouquets, centerpieces and ceremony.
The bouquet has the perfect amount of green cymbidiums
paired with soft pink roses and pearls.

Imaging you standing under a gazebo exchanging vows 
with hundreds of the gorgeous hanging fluffy white and pink peonies.
Dream away!

Soft Pink & Creamy White

We create this centerpiece with Blush Soft Pink Roses with Creamy White Hydrangea blooms. We used over 100 roses and 25 hydrangea blooms and green amaranth's on a gold candelabra that has beautiful engraving on them. We also used pearls and gold chains as embellishments in the arrangements.

We used beautiful material to cover the vases that compliment the silverware on a simple elegant white satin linen.

For a Bride who Loves soft pinks and white this is one of the Perfect Combinations!!!!