Alison & Chris Wedding

When I met with Alison she wanted a wedding 
with rich tones and a touch of vintage. 
For Alison's bouquet we used rich red roses with burgundy dahlias,  
deep red calla lilies embellished with a pendent 
and ear rings from her grandmother. 
The Ceremony and Reception was in the Museum of Art. 
The same colors tones followed throughout 
the wedding with deep red rich tones of red and burgundy. 
Thank you Alison and Chris and we wish 
you an Amazing married life together.

James & Kate's Wedding at 
Museum of Art in Balboa Park

Kate & James got married at the Museum of Art in Balboa Park.
 I can definitely say this that I have never meet 
with a Bride like Kate and here is why!!! 
When I spoke to both of them and were discussing color palettes 
she said she wanted her wedding to be colorful. 
I am very happy when a bride says she wants color! 
They I asked her as to what are the colors she is inclined to 
and she say every single colors that I could incorporate. 
She stumped me for a second and I had no words to say. 
Deep down I knew I was delighted she said every single color! 
We incorporated Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, 
Lavender, Orange, Green, Pink. 
Kate carried a bouquet with all white phalaenopsis orchids 
and very so fluffy and delicate Cataleya Orchids
I had a wonderful time designing the wedding 
and we wish Kate and James a wonderful married life together!