Purple and Silver Wedding | Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding

This is one of the color combinations we love. Lovely rich hues of purple, 
lavender paired with vibrant green. So rich, romantic and elegant. 
The bride carried a lovely purple bouquet with all purple lizianthus
which was embellished with an exquisite broach. The reception was at the 
Scripps Seaside Forum where we used lovely lavender roses, deep purple
lizianthus with accents of green hydrangeas on a silver candelabra.
The guests enjoyed the cocktail hour that overlooked the beautiful ocean.
We used a soft lavender and silver linen from our personal collection.

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Centerpiece with shades of purple and lavender | Lavender and Purple Centerpiece

Shades of purple and lavender are a very 
romantic combination for a centerpiece.
We paired 2 different tones of lavender roses with stock,
green hydrangeas and kale. We used a soft lavender linen for
the table setting with changers and
napkins from our own personal collection.

 Based on the location this centerpiece can be styled differently
with the use for candelabras and vases.
If the location is rustic and vintage we would suggest the use of
candelabras. For a modern palette, a simple clean tall vase will
bring the elegance to the event.

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styled in shades of purple and lavender.
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Looking for a bouquet to match this centerpiece?

Blush Centerpiece | Tall Centerpiece

These lovely blush roses paired with pink roses are lovely combination 
for a wedding. This combination would be perfect for any time of the year,
be it spring, summer or winter, its a classic combination.
Orchids give a dramatic flair to this centerpiece.
I love Gold...Alot. 
It brings the fabulousness to any event.
One of the many reason I love gold is it adds warmth 
to the table setting. We used gold crinkle linen from our 
personal collection with gold chargers, gold napkins and gold stemware.

Looking for understated elegance?

Pair this centerpieces with a lovely white or silver 
linen, white chavire chairs and chargers. You would hit 
it right out of the park.

Pink and Gold table setting.

Summer might be over but it does not feel like that.
Irrespective of seasons or occasions you can choose 
what ever  floral and decor you need.
These colors, gold, pink and lavender 
are perfect for anytime of the year.
Simple, opulent and elegant.
We used pictured frames which are very popular 
now and they are perfect decor for walls, floral,
place cards, and a lot more.
Have a Fabulous Monday!

Vivian and Tyler wedding 
@ The Abbey on 5th

Vivian carried a beautiful bouquet with green cymbidium orchids,
lavender roses and succulents. The bouquet was wrapped 
with exquisite lace and embellished with a beautiful broach. 
The ceremony and reception took place at
The Abbey on 5th ave in San Diego. 
Vivian chose green hydrangeas, ivory hydrangeas
succulents, kales for her wedding.
We had a wonderful time designing this wedding for Vivian and Tyler
We wish the couple a wonderful life together.

Lavender Centerpiece

We put together a table with one of the most popular 
color combinations,lavender florals and silver accents. 
We used all lavender roses full, lush, open, an opulent centerpiece 
with silver charger and a our silver crushed/ crinkle line 
and lavender napkins, finished with mercury glasses. 
A beautiful combination and you will 
not go wrong with this combination. Enjoy!

Elizabeth and Daniel's Wedding 
on Emerald Hornblower

This was a beautiful wedding for Elizabeth and Daniel 
with all soft palettes on the Emerald Hornblower .
Elizabeth chose the soft lavender, ivory, were her main colors.
For her bouquet we used all soft lavender roses with 
gentle and fragrant gardenia blooms. 
A very simple bouquet yet stands out so Amazing
We followed with the same concept for the reception where vases
were wrapped in satin fabric which added more of the softness to the the table. 
It was wonderful to work with Elizabeth and Daniel and we 
wish them a wonderful married life together.

Lavender Bouquet

This is a Lavender Bouquet we created with
all lavender roses, Lavender and Cosmos.
A very subtle and soft color combination bouquet,
embellished with a silver purple ribbon and
a beautiful gold broach.

An all Time Classic or
a Pop of Color!!!

 These are a collection of soft palette bouquets which
have small details that makes every bride feel so special.
Wrapped in special beaded fabric or to add a some
Wow factor, white feather to spice it up.
Be it color that pop or a beautiful dress or an all
time classic white bouquet we can surely create something spectacular for you!
Thanks to Ellie & Mike from 1lookback Photography. www.1lookback.com

Lavender Centerpiece

This is a centerpiece with Lavender Color Roses and White Hydrangea Blooms that give it a very lush look.
The Gold Candlebra with strands of pearls and orchid leis hanging from the centerpiece make it look very elegant and beautiful.
The full open roses on the tables are individually hand opened to make it look like Gardenias. The pearl beaded chargers, gold flatware gives a beautiful ppresentation to your guests.

Purple Bouquet

This Bouquet has Ivory Roses, Lavender Roses, Purple Lizianthus.
A very subtle, and simple bouquet with accents of royal purple color.
For a Bride who loves different shades of purple/lavender
this is one good choice.

Our Lady of Rosery Church
This year we had the wonderful opportunity to
create a beautiful arch for
Our Lady of Rosery Church in Little Italy.
Like Always the Virgin looks Immaculate.
We used an array of purple floral to give a
royal yet pleasent look.
We used Fuschia Phalaenopsis Orchids, Lavender Roses.
We also create a miniature arch for the Virgin wiith all Orchids,
Green Cymbidium Orchids, White Dendrobium Orchids

Hazel's Wedding!

After a long awaited time I got these pictures and I am very very happy.
We used Lavender Roses with accents of White Roses to this wedding!
All the Beautiful Amber Up lighting, Silver Accents made the Marriott in Del Mar Beautiful!
Brant Bender did a Marvelous Job with the Photography!
Nahid from Wedding Elegance did an excellent Job with the coordination.

Pave Style Floral Design

Pave is a Beautiful Modern Concept that is used in Floral Design.
If you dont want tall centerpieces and you want to bring a creative and modern feel to the table setting pave style is a very good choice.
We use Lavender Roses, Lavender Cymbidiums, White Calla Lilies, Red Roses.

Lavender Bouquet

Lavender Roses with a Combination of Cobalt Blue Delphinium and Stephanotis and Purple Embellishments is a beautiful option for a Bridal Bouquet.
The Gold Linen is one of a Nathans Collections.

Soad and Nicola's Wedding

Soad and Nicola had the most Beautiful Wedding. With all the small details, from bling to beautiful peacock and alot more.
We used a the Beautiful Lavender Roses pared with Deep Purple Dendrobium Orchids with a splash of white with the White Casablanca's

For the Ceremony we used Lavender Roses, White Hydrangea Blooms, White Calla Lilies In Large Brandy Snifters and fusha/purple and white phalaenopsis orchids with leis of Purple dendrobium orchids hanging with Bling with White Hydrangea kissing balls with purple mini roses and white phalaenopsis orchids.

It was just AMAZING with plethora of Orchids and details.