Something Blue to walk down the aisle.

If your looking for something blue to walk down the aisle, 
I got that something blue for you!
How about a beautiful bouquet with blue roses, blue orchids,
lavender roses and fragrant gardenia wrapped to make a simple 
yet stunning bouquet.

Tip: Monaco blue is a rich and strong color that having 
a bouquet with only blue roses would looks like splat of ink 
on your dress. So we paired these blue roses roses with gardenia 
to make it elegant and beautiful.

3 Beautiful Bouquets.

We try and make something different 
yet very similar in some aspects.
Three simple and beautiful white bouquets for this past weekend.
Starting from the left, we have all white roses with fragrant 
gardenias wrapped with beautiful gold lace.
This bouquet is classic and timeless!
The middle one is another gorgeous beauty with full 
open white roses, white cymbidium orchids, calla lilies 
and stephanotis embellished with pearls. 
Many brides love stephanotis, its dainty and beautiful!
The 3rd lovely one is with all white roses with
soft pink cymbidium orchids wrapped with a beautiful
gold lace.
So now you can pick any one of these 3 bouquets and 
you would look fabulous walking down the aisle. 
All white yet with a very slight hint of color!

Gold, Godiva & Gardenia 

How simple and elegant is this table setting! 
It has the 3 things I love the most, Gold, Godiva and Gardenias.
For a romantic night, these 3 are very essential. 
The aroma of simple floating gardenias is divine!
Now how can you go wrong with this?

Karen & Ric's Wedding 
on Renown Hornblower

We had a wonderful time designing Karen Wedding. 
She chose the renow hornblower which is a one of the 
very classic boats on hornblower(All of them are amazing!) 
The finish of the boat has that antique wood 
which is very rustic and classic. 
Karen chose a very soft color pallete for the wedding 
with Ivory's, White's, accents of feathers. 
Karen carried a signature "ArtQuest Bouquet" 
which is long cascading white phalenopsis, gardenia, stephanotis. 
So long that it could almost kiss the ground. 
Her ceremony was full with White and Ivory Roses 
with white phaleonopsis orchids.
We wish Karen and Ric and wonderful married life together!

Elizabeth and Daniel's Wedding 
on Emerald Hornblower

This was a beautiful wedding for Elizabeth and Daniel 
with all soft palettes on the Emerald Hornblower .
Elizabeth chose the soft lavender, ivory, were her main colors.
For her bouquet we used all soft lavender roses with 
gentle and fragrant gardenia blooms. 
A very simple bouquet yet stands out so Amazing
We followed with the same concept for the reception where vases
were wrapped in satin fabric which added more of the softness to the the table. 
It was wonderful to work with Elizabeth and Daniel and we 
wish them a wonderful married life together.

All Gardenia Bouquet

Gardenia's are an all time classic flower.
It will never go out of style or fashion.
To walk down the aisle with an all Gardenia
bouquet, its fragrance it classic.
This bouquet is embellished with lace & 2 broaches.

Myriam & Luis 

Myriam was a very sweet and wonderful 
she knew what she wanted from the get go.
She wanted an a very Classic 
Wedding with soft palette colors.

We knew Myriam through her cousin Karla, 
who's wedding I did 2 years back.
(It brings back a lot of memories when 
I see or hear the Brides who's weddings 
I have done years back)
I was very happy to create a beautiful wedding 
for Myriam and what better place to pick 
than the Grand Del Mar.

The Ceremony was the Beautiful Founder's Chapel.
No matter what you did at the Founders 
Chapel it would be less.
So we decided to Custom Design a 7 foot 
Tall Rustic Candlebras with beautiful 
white Roses that would compliment the ornate gold
at the Chapel.

The Reception was the Grand Del Mar, 
which is a total different experience in itself.
Every single arrangement had over 
150 Full Open Roses with 50 Miniature Spray Roses. 

Lisa Lippe from Details Defined 
left no stone unturned to see that this 
Wedding was Perfect!
She was very sweet and wonderful to work with.
A huge Thanks to Deb Shields who 
helped capture these images 
exclusively for ArtQuest

How about Dinner???

This is something very simple anyone can create from their backyard.
Simple Yellow Cymbidiums, Gardenia is all it takes.

All White Exquisite Bouquet

This combination of floral is one of my favorite, Gardenia, White Phalaenopsis Orchid, Stephanotis, all put together and wrapped with a simple satin ribbon
or sequin lace is one of the all time classic combinations.
You can never go wrong with this color palette.

April & Josh's Las Rocas Resort Wedding!

April and Josh had a Beautiful Wedding in Las Rocas Spa & Resort. I have been doing so many intimate weddings in Las Rocas & this is one of the most memorable wedding!

We used Vibrant Apple Green Cymbidiums, Green Roses, Floating Candles, Bells of Ireland with apples in a Icy looking Glass Vases.

April's Bouquet has a Gardenias, White Roses, White mini Calla Lilies with Stephanotis with Pearls.

Crivello & Calderon Wedding

This was a Beautiful Italian Wedding, Ceremony at Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town followed by Reception at Omni Hotel in Downtown which is becoming a Hot Spot for Weddings.

It was an Amazing experience working with mother & daughter,Angela & Diana, discussing their floral vision of having a bright and beautiful wedding.
It's fall and Orange is the best color (and my fav color)
We kept it very simple and elegant with Roses and Dahlias, creating a ball of orange roses on a beautiful gold candlebra .

Soad and Nicola's Wedding

Soad and Nicola had the most Beautiful Wedding. With all the small details, from bling to beautiful peacock and alot more.
We used a the Beautiful Lavender Roses pared with Deep Purple Dendrobium Orchids with a splash of white with the White Casablanca's

For the Ceremony we used Lavender Roses, White Hydrangea Blooms, White Calla Lilies In Large Brandy Snifters and fusha/purple and white phalaenopsis orchids with leis of Purple dendrobium orchids hanging with Bling with White Hydrangea kissing balls with purple mini roses and white phalaenopsis orchids.

It was just AMAZING with plethora of Orchids and details.

Marlene and Glen

I meet Marlene and her Mom Juliette quite sometime ago. Both of them were very very sweet.
It was my pleasure to even do the Bridal Shower and then the Wedding.
We used a lot of neutral palette tone, white and ivory with lots of Roses, Hydrangea Blooms, Gardenias and lots of Orchids for the Ceremony.

Marlene's Bouquet had white phalaenopsis orchids, Gardenias, Cattleya Orchids with accents of Ivory roses and mini calla lilies.

Ceremony was at the Gorgeous Greek Orthodox Church followed by Reception at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Talia and Matt

Talia and Matt's wedding was simple yet elegant wedding. Looking for a perfect destination they they picked San Diego and flew in all the way from east. What better place to get married with the sun and beach-"San Diego".

Yellow was an amzaing choice!, very bright and beautiful.
We use all full open yellow roses and yellow aramodus with a bamboo chuppah.

Truephotography like always left no stone unturned to capture the beautiful moments.

The reception was held at the beautiful Darlington House in La Jolla.

The Bridesmaids bouquets, we used all hand wired dendrobium orchids and coffee beans.

Gardenia are always a beautiful option that can be used as accessories not only for hair but also like a purse.