Jennifer & Mark's Wedding 
at Hilton Torrey Pines. 

When I first met Jennifer and heard her speak 
about her vision for the wedding, I was excited for a couple of reasons. 
Firstly,Jennifer wanted to have an all tropical wedding, 
and I haven't done one since the 90's..(Oh Yes 90's)
Back then I got only tropical weddings and it was a thing going on then.
Secondly, I wanted to do something different this time with my designs as 
back then it was all about greens, greens and more greens.
Before I dive into the details, THANK YOU Jennifer and Mark for letting
me be a part of your special day!!!
Jennifer wore a gorgeous gown and to match the beauty of the gown
we designed an equally fabulous cascading bouquet with 
white phalaenopsis orchid and green cymbidium orchids.
We used mostera leaves, birds of paradise, parakids, 
red anthuriums and orchids throughout the 
ceremony and reception.
Thanks to Wedding Elegance by Nahid who planned 
the wedding beautifully! 
Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

Cascading Bouquet

This bouquet is a traditional cascading bouquet. 
I call it my "peacock bouquet" because the orchids 
graciously cascade like the feathers of a peacock.
Ivory roses,  white dendrobium orchids, and hand wired white 
phalaenopsis orchids just make this bouquet wonderful!

Channing & Michael Wedding 
at Pala Mesa Resort

Channing and Michael chose the beautiful 
Pala Mesa Resort for their wedding!
We had a wonderful time designing this wedding.
Channing carried a beautiful cascading bouquet 
with plum calla lilies, white phalaenopsis orchids, 
purple dendrobium orchids wrapped with beautiful jewels.
The Ceremony was at the gazebo with 2 beautiful 
arrangements with white casablanca lilies, purple dendrobium orchids, 
hydrangeas and calla lilies,
A cross with calla lilies and orchids was 
suspended in the middle of the gazebo.
The reception had the tall silver candelabras bursting with orchids, 
purple dendrobium orchids, hydrangeas and calla lilies. W
e used our very own custom all bling riser for the cake.
We wish the wonderful couple a happy married life together!

Tara and Jonathan's Wedding 
at The La Jolla Woman's Club

Tara and Jonathan were married at the 
beautiful La Jolla Womens Club. 
The Ceremony was in the front garden in front of the fountain. 
We used two beautiful tall arrangements on vases 
with all hot pink roses, orange roses. 
Tara carried a cascading bouquet with white casablanca lilies, 
white dendrobium orchids. 
It was a joy to work with both of them and 
we wish both of you an Amazing married life.

Karen & Ric's Wedding 
on Renown Hornblower

We had a wonderful time designing Karen Wedding. 
She chose the renow hornblower which is a one of the 
very classic boats on hornblower(All of them are amazing!) 
The finish of the boat has that antique wood 
which is very rustic and classic. 
Karen chose a very soft color pallete for the wedding 
with Ivory's, White's, accents of feathers. 
Karen carried a signature "ArtQuest Bouquet" 
which is long cascading white phalenopsis, gardenia, stephanotis. 
So long that it could almost kiss the ground. 
Her ceremony was full with White and Ivory Roses 
with white phaleonopsis orchids.
We wish Karen and Ric and wonderful married life together!

Glenn and Lynne Wedding @
La Valencia La Jolla

I see Brides and do weddings every single week and Lynne is one of the ultra sweetest brides I had the pleasure to work with.
Glenn and Lynne had the most beautiful wedding. We used a soft palette color roses with a butterscotch accents along with the accents of sunset colors.

We used a traditional cascading bouquet for Lynne with White Phalaenopsis Orchids and Yellow Cymbidium Orchids.The Centerpieces had white roses and White Phalaenopsis Orchids and Yellow Cymbidium Orchids. We also did a custom draping to the La Valencia's Veranda room with beautiful tear drop Crystals and Jewels.

It was so easy to work Susanne Duffy from Crown Weddings who made everything look so simple, beautiful white lounge and chairs provided by Concepts Event Design.