Jamie and Graham Wedding Part 3

The 3rd and final post from Jamie and Graham's wedding.
Today its all about the reception.
The bouquet that Jamie carried is to die for.
Purple vanda orchids makes this bouquet exquisite.
A combination of lavender roses, fluffy hydrangea blooms 
and purple tulips were used in the arrangements.
We made a cake riser for that was fully blinged out.
We had an amazing time designing this wedding for 
Jamie and Graham and we wish them a wonderful 
married life.
Thanks to Marlo Yoshimoto Photography for the 
wonderful images.!!!

Its wonderful time of the year!

It that time of the season where
"Its beginning to look alot like Christmas."
We created this table setting with all red roses and bling!
To impress your guests and create something unique we used
Faux Fur as a table runner and on our benches
with a satin gold linen as an underlay finished with
some gold glassware and flatware!
Even my little doggies wanted to
jump in and pose for a photograph.

This is another table set up where yo can host
your guest at at round table with a little bling as table runner.


Myriam & Luis 

Myriam was a very sweet and wonderful 
she knew what she wanted from the get go.
She wanted an a very Classic 
Wedding with soft palette colors.

We knew Myriam through her cousin Karla, 
who's wedding I did 2 years back.
(It brings back a lot of memories when 
I see or hear the Brides who's weddings 
I have done years back)
I was very happy to create a beautiful wedding 
for Myriam and what better place to pick 
than the Grand Del Mar.

The Ceremony was the Beautiful Founder's Chapel.
No matter what you did at the Founders 
Chapel it would be less.
So we decided to Custom Design a 7 foot 
Tall Rustic Candlebras with beautiful 
white Roses that would compliment the ornate gold
at the Chapel.

The Reception was the Grand Del Mar, 
which is a total different experience in itself.
Every single arrangement had over 
150 Full Open Roses with 50 Miniature Spray Roses. 

Lisa Lippe from Details Defined 
left no stone unturned to see that this 
Wedding was Perfect!
She was very sweet and wonderful to work with.
A huge Thanks to Deb Shields who 
helped capture these images 
exclusively for ArtQuest

Glenn and Lynne Wedding @
La Valencia La Jolla

I see Brides and do weddings every single week and Lynne is one of the ultra sweetest brides I had the pleasure to work with.
Glenn and Lynne had the most beautiful wedding. We used a soft palette color roses with a butterscotch accents along with the accents of sunset colors.

We used a traditional cascading bouquet for Lynne with White Phalaenopsis Orchids and Yellow Cymbidium Orchids.The Centerpieces had white roses and White Phalaenopsis Orchids and Yellow Cymbidium Orchids. We also did a custom draping to the La Valencia's Veranda room with beautiful tear drop Crystals and Jewels.

It was so easy to work Susanne Duffy from Crown Weddings who made everything look so simple, beautiful white lounge and chairs provided by Concepts Event Design.

Kristen & Roberts Wedding On Hornblower High Spirits

Kristen & Robert wedding was a very close intimate Wedding on the High Spirits Hornblower. We used the classic white, ivory and red combination, beautiful Winter Red Roses, with Ivory Roses and Dahlias with white Phalaenopsis orchids.

We used Beautiful white organza to flow down with the floral gives a very elegant look to frame the ceremony.

I personally been on the Hornblower Cruses, and Hornblower is like a family to me. Wonderful friends, Great food, Amazing Service and I can keep going on and on.

Megan Gross and Anthony Ammons Wedding

Megan was one of the sweetest Brides I have had the pleasure of working this year.
She wanted all vibrant and bright orange colors with accents of fuschia color.
We used all bright Orange Roses with Mango Calla Lilies, Green Cymbidiums Orchids with Orange Mokara orchids and Monkey tails for her Bouquet.

We used plethora or ornage roses, hot pink roses, white phalaenopsis orchids and white green cymbidiums orchids.
To accents the beautiful poles we uses leis made of Orange Mokara orchids and fuschia Mokara orchids to make the bamboo chuppah look beautiful.

Marlene and Glen

I meet Marlene and her Mom Juliette quite sometime ago. Both of them were very very sweet.
It was my pleasure to even do the Bridal Shower and then the Wedding.
We used a lot of neutral palette tone, white and ivory with lots of Roses, Hydrangea Blooms, Gardenias and lots of Orchids for the Ceremony.

Marlene's Bouquet had white phalaenopsis orchids, Gardenias, Cattleya Orchids with accents of Ivory roses and mini calla lilies.

Ceremony was at the Gorgeous Greek Orthodox Church followed by Reception at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.