Roof top dinner party! 

Now that the holidays are around the corner, they are many many parties.
Some we get to host and some we may attend.
If you are hosting a party, and you don't have
 a location how about a roof top???
This was a party on the roof top we designed for a wonderful client.
Lovely blues hydrangeas, yellow roses, ivory hydrangeas 
on a beautiful rustic urn paired with floating candles.

TIP: Just because its the holidays your centerpieces need not be 
full of douglas or nobal fir.
You can always have a lush centerpiece with flowers

Kelly and Pete's wedding at 
The La Jolla Cove Suites

Kelly's wedding was the La Jolla Cove Suites 
overlooking the beautiful ocean. 
On a beautiful sunny day and a wonderful choice 
of bright yellow colors for the wedding. 
We used Yellow calla lilies, yellow roses 
were the flowers were used. 
We created kelly's bouquet with white calla lilies, 
yellow calla lilies, yellow roses, crespedia balls, 
succulents, and a little bit of bling. 
A custom made pillow for the ring bearer was made 
with all yellow miniature button mums and 
for the reception submerged calla lilies.
The guest wrote their best wishes on board 
which Kelly would decorate her home with.

Something for the Bridesmaids!!!

This is a table scape we created with vibrant burnt 
orange and yellow mango calla lilies in mercury vases 
with a bed of green cymbedium orchids. 
When we created this, we thought of the Bridesmaids
and just having the girls over for some fun times.
A simple hair piece for the girls at your party 
are place on each place setting. 
Opps I left the guys out-My bad......
need to think for something for the guys. 
Until then...;-)

Bright with Yellow

Spring is around the corner and you can see a lot of blooms
from Acacia, Forsythia, Daffodils, Peonies and a lot lot more.
I had a 3 wonderful weeks just relaxing and not doing anything..
My hand started getting a little itchy and wanted to do something,
so I put together this small table for 2 with Yellow Calla Lilies,
Bamboo and some Green Cymbediums Orchids.
Yellow Calla Lilies being so flexible that it can bent & twisted
any which way to give a very different look to the table.

Next week I will post what I did for last spring!!!

Simple Wedding Bouquet
This Bouquet has a vibrant yellow calla lilies, Chocolate Cymbidiums, Fresia, Ivory roses wrapped with a beautiful lace. A simple and elegant bouquet to walk down the aisle.

Kelly's Wedding @ La Jolla Cove Suites

Kelly choose a combination of yellow and white, a very fresh and vibrant combination.
We used Yellow Cymbidiums, Ivory Roses, White Calla Lilies for Kelly's bouquet.
For the ceremony we used ceremony we used natural bamboo which had a variety of florals from Yellow Cymbidiums, Ivory Roses, White and Yellow Calla Lilies to Casablanca Lilies.
A very simple and intimate wedding at the La Jolla Coves

4th Photgraph from Julie Buchta Davis Photography

Talia and Matt

Talia and Matt's wedding was simple yet elegant wedding. Looking for a perfect destination they they picked San Diego and flew in all the way from east. What better place to get married with the sun and beach-"San Diego".

Yellow was an amzaing choice!, very bright and beautiful.
We use all full open yellow roses and yellow aramodus with a bamboo chuppah.

Truephotography like always left no stone unturned to capture the beautiful moments.

The reception was held at the beautiful Darlington House in La Jolla.

The Bridesmaids bouquets, we used all hand wired dendrobium orchids and coffee beans.

Gardenia are always a beautiful option that can be used as accessories not only for hair but also like a purse.

Pretty in Pink

An exquisite bouquet with amazing peony booms, mango calla lilies, hot pink roses and a beautiful gold broach to give that special finishing touch.

This was a photoshoot for San Diego Style Wedding Magazine hitting the stands this fall.

"A Night in Kaspa" was the theme of this tabletop. Garrett Photography, took some amazing pictures for us! Thank you very much and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Nahid from Wedding Elegance made it everything go smooooooth....;-)

Always a pleasure to work with you!!!!

To use all Hot Pink Roses, a mixture of Soft Pink, White and Hot Pink Peonies just made it spectacular. The peonies just opened up perfect on the day of the shoot.