Jennifer & Mark's Wedding 
at Hilton Torrey Pines. 

When I first met Jennifer and heard her speak 
about her vision for the wedding, I was excited for a couple of reasons. 
Firstly,Jennifer wanted to have an all tropical wedding, 
and I haven't done one since the 90's..(Oh Yes 90's)
Back then I got only tropical weddings and it was a thing going on then.
Secondly, I wanted to do something different this time with my designs as 
back then it was all about greens, greens and more greens.
Before I dive into the details, THANK YOU Jennifer and Mark for letting
me be a part of your special day!!!
Jennifer wore a gorgeous gown and to match the beauty of the gown
we designed an equally fabulous cascading bouquet with 
white phalaenopsis orchid and green cymbidium orchids.
We used mostera leaves, birds of paradise, parakids, 
red anthuriums and orchids throughout the 
ceremony and reception.
Thanks to Wedding Elegance by Nahid who planned 
the wedding beautifully! 
Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

Cascading Bouquet

This bouquet is a traditional cascading bouquet. 
I call it my "peacock bouquet" because the orchids 
graciously cascade like the feathers of a peacock.
Ivory roses,  white dendrobium orchids, and hand wired white 
phalaenopsis orchids just make this bouquet wonderful!

Wedding at Manchester Hyatt

 Adriana and Esteban chose the pool deck at the Manchester Hyatt. 
A beautiful view of the bay and having to celebrate your wedding 
in the Hyatt is killing 2 birds with just one stone. 
Adriana chose to have an all white wedding. 
We used White Hydrangea, White roses, 
Green Amaranthus for the centerpieces. 
We used White Phalaenopsis Orchid, Calla lilies, Roses 
and mini roses for her bouquet with 2 beautiful broaches. 
We wish Adriana and Esteban a wonderful married life together!

Lora and Nate's wedding at Bali Hai

of late I have had a wonderful opportunity to design tropical weddings.
Lora's wedding was of the weddings that was 
fun and we used non traditional florals.
For her ceremony we used vibrant gladiolas. 
These wonderful gladiolas have gained a bad reputation, 
however here we used them in a tropical flair 
For the reception which overlooked the beautiful San Diego 
bay and downtown, we used centerpieces with loose cut florals 
like gingers, parakids,oncidium orchids, mango calla lilies, red anthuriums. 
We paired them with our teal linens and champagne pintuck napkins.
A very different yet cool wedding and want to hear something crazy 
I still have Lora's bouquet with me as I am righting this post. 
(She forgot it and I am glad I picked it up as she had a family heirloom to it)
We wish Lora & Nate a wonderful happy married life together.

Karen & Ric's Wedding 
on Renown Hornblower

We had a wonderful time designing Karen Wedding. 
She chose the renow hornblower which is a one of the 
very classic boats on hornblower(All of them are amazing!) 
The finish of the boat has that antique wood 
which is very rustic and classic. 
Karen chose a very soft color pallete for the wedding 
with Ivory's, White's, accents of feathers. 
Karen carried a signature "ArtQuest Bouquet" 
which is long cascading white phalenopsis, gardenia, stephanotis. 
So long that it could almost kiss the ground. 
Her ceremony was full with White and Ivory Roses 
with white phaleonopsis orchids.
We wish Karen and Ric and wonderful married life together!

Brooke and Andrew's Wedding

It was a fun wedding to design for Brooke and Andrew. 
When it came to colors they chose both, a white wedding 
and adding pops of colors for the bridesmaids.  
Brooke carried a beautiful cascading bouquet with all 
White Phalaenopsis Orchid which was wrapped by strands of bling. 
The ceremony was at NTC Promenade North Chapel and reception 
overlooking the San Diego Bay at Admiral Kidd Club. 
The reception had orchids shooting out of the centerpieces. 
We had the wonderful opportunity 
to work with Wedding's of a lifetime by Christy Gowdy. 
It is always a pleasure to work with you Christy!
A huge thanks to1Look Back Photograph, 
Pink Star Design and  CloudBreak Films. 
We wish Brooke and Andrew a wonderful married life together! 

Melissa and Mathew's 
Wedding at Thursday Club

Melissa lives in Hawaii and with the beauty of the place you 
can see all the beautiful floral and especially orchids and plumeria. 
She wanted to incorporate the plumeria and orchids with a tropical flair. 
We used these beautiful and delicate floral and paired them 
with tropical mostera leaves and White Phalaenopsis Orchids. 
The ceremony was at St. Didacus Catholic Church and 
Reception was at the beautiful Thursday club. 
We had a wonderful time designing the florals for 
Melissa & Mathew a wonderful married life together!

Red & White Bouquet

I made this bouquet for one of friends and
she loves gerbe daises and orchids.
We used the vibrant gerbe daises and the classic white phalaenopsis orchids to give it a modern, hiplook
and wrapped it with a white satin ribbon
and embellished it with a broach.

Emerald Hornblower
A Vows Renewal Ceremony

This past Wednesday we had a intimate vows renewal ceremony on the Emerald Hornblower. What better place to have the sunset view on the San Diego Bay with fine dining and on an amazing boat!