A new day, a new design!

I have been trying to drift towards the non-conventional 
centerpiece recently. A traditional tall centerpiece with a
well rounded design is beautiful. However, more and more clients 
I am meeting now a days, want something different.
A different look and style without straying away from the norm.
So I came up with this piece where I used fluffy white hydrangea blooms, 
dainty and elegant calla lilies, full open exquisite soft pink peonies, 
white phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids.
All the same flowers but a different design.
Like they say "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

We used a simple white love seat covered with a pewter faux fur
to change up the design. 
For 2013, I predict either sequin or faux fur will hit it big.

Thomas & Laura's wedding 
@ La Jolla Women's Club

La Jolla has many beautiful venues for wedding and 
La Jolla Women's Club is one of them.
The beautiful garden is always a wonderful. 
Be in the spring or in the fall, 
or any season the garden is just amazing. 
Laura picked the garden for the ceremony to exchange 
their vows in front of the beautiful fountain.
She picked a very soft palette with ivory, greens 
and cute little succulents. 
We used white cymbidiums, Ivory roses, plum calla lilies 
for her bouquet and of course embellished it with a little bling.
The centerpieces were wrapped with taffeta pintuck fabric 
with ivory roses, and succulents. 
We wish Thomas and Laura a wonderful 
and happy married life together.

Akiko & Tom's Wedding @
Japanese Friendship Garden

This was a beautiful wedding at the
Japanese Friendship Garden for Tom and Akiko.
Akiko wanted a creamy white bouquet
with accents of purple, so we suggested the calla lilies
with accents of purple and a combination of cream's
and full open white roses with cymbedium orchids.
The couple loves orchids so they used beautiful orchid plants for their centerpieces with bamboo and succulents.

Flor from Indulge Contemporary Catering
goes without a saying did an Amazing job,
and Artistica provided the whole reception decor.

Sandra's Wedding @ El Cortez

Sandra had a beautiful wedding at the El Cortez.

Being a designer she had this in her pocket, she custom designed all the linens for the tables, selected all the lanterns, gazebo brought in from Texas...

and I can keep going on & on...
She came to me with a beautiful vision and knew exactly where and how she wanted every single detail placed.
We use a natural terra cotta look for the florals,
with Chocolate Brown Roses and James Story Orchids for her centerpieces.
Liz Beck from Liz Beck Events did an amazing job with the Planning.
It was an Amazing experience to work with a wonderful Bride & Groom

Her bouquet was wrapped with beautiful jewel band and we used Chocolate Cymbidiums & Chocolate Brown Roses.

A Rustic Cross with Calla Lilies and James Story Orchids

Peony & Cymbidiums Bouquet
These are a collection of bouquets you can walk down the aisle with, a beautiful peony bouquet with White Cymbidiums Orchids embellished with a beautiful broach or sequin lace is just spectacular.

Beautiful Jade Roses with Green Cymbidiums Orchids is another option for a simple Bridesmaids bouquet

A beautiful pomedor for the flower girl is something different and cute to see that flower girls walk down the aisle.