Wedding on the Renown Hornblower

They are may options when it comes to chose your location.
Hornblower yachts are one of the wonderful choices 
if you want to get married on a boat.
Here in this post we have a wedding on the Renown Hornblower.
With Red and White as the main color of choice during 
the holiday season and the colors that the bride loves.
The bouquet is simple with all Red and White Roses with accents 
of mini roses to bring a little texture to the bouquet.
The ceremony was on the dock where framed 
with floral and red fabric draping the boat.

Karen & Ric's Wedding 
on Renown Hornblower

We had a wonderful time designing Karen Wedding. 
She chose the renow hornblower which is a one of the 
very classic boats on hornblower(All of them are amazing!) 
The finish of the boat has that antique wood 
which is very rustic and classic. 
Karen chose a very soft color pallete for the wedding 
with Ivory's, White's, accents of feathers. 
Karen carried a signature "ArtQuest Bouquet" 
which is long cascading white phalenopsis, gardenia, stephanotis. 
So long that it could almost kiss the ground. 
Her ceremony was full with White and Ivory Roses 
with white phaleonopsis orchids.
We wish Karen and Ric and wonderful married life together!

Ken and Cynthia's wedding aboard Hornblower

Cynthia and Ken had their intimate wedding with 
their closest friends and family 
aboard the renown hornblower. 
They chose a very rich color palette with 
purple/plum and white incorporating purple 
dendrobium orchids, purple color stock, 
ivory roses, purple lizianthus. 
A very simple and very intimate wedding. 
We wish both of them a wonderful life together.

An Intimate wedding on the Renown Hornblower

If you want to have an intimate wedding or a casual party with the
Beautiful San Diego Bay with the gorgeous view this is one of those boats.
Be it a dinner cruise or a brunch you can never go wrong.