Modern Green Centerpiece | Pave Style Centerpiece | Green Centerpiece

If you have been following me on Instagram (if your not, you should HERE
you would know that a couple of weekend ago we designed a 
lovely engagement party. We designed 2 different style of centerpieces
for the party, one being a pave with green roses, calla lilies 
and hydrangea blooms to add a modern yet sophisticated look. 
Second style of centerpiece with vibrant
green pomedors to intertwined with lily grass.
two simple options yet very modern and clean. 
I recently blogged about the pave style centerpiece.
You can check it out HERE.

Bright Pave Design | Vibrant Short Centerpiece.

Pave is a lovely alternative to short centerpiece.
It is a versatile design. 
Paired with the right colors you can go from 
classic and traditional to modern and sophisticated. 
It is a wonderful alternative for a traditional short centerpiece.
In this setting we paired a lovely mint green linen with a 
modern pave centerpiece with calla lilies, roses and hydrangeas. 

HERE you can find other pave designs we have created in the past.

Peony & Cymbidiums Bouquet
These are a collection of bouquets you can walk down the aisle with, a beautiful peony bouquet with White Cymbidiums Orchids embellished with a beautiful broach or sequin lace is just spectacular.

Beautiful Jade Roses with Green Cymbidiums Orchids is another option for a simple Bridesmaids bouquet

A beautiful pomedor for the flower girl is something different and cute to see that flower girls walk down the aisle.

Orange & Jade
For the Bride who loves the small exquisite details here are a a couple of plate settings to add to your wedding.
A Beautiful Plate with either a Exquisite broach or a Phalaenopsis Orchids can set the mood.