Wedding at Our Lady of Rosary in Little Italy and Hyatt La Jolla

Canepa | Tallarida wedding was the first wedding we designed this year!
A beautiful Italian wedding with lots of fine details.
The beautiful bride carried a white bouquet with gardenias and roses
embellished with ostrich plumes, jewels and detailed with a fabulous 
broach from our private collection.
Keeping up with some fashion, the lovely flower girls carried 
floral purses with all roses. 
The reception at the Hyatt La Jolla was absolutely wonderful!
Fabulous white floral with roses, hydrangeas and orchids 
were incorporated throughout the wedding.
Feast table and family tables had statement pieces with lampshade 
designs creating a pillar of florals with hydrangeas and roses.
We added exquisite lace and champagne 
linens from our private collection. 
We had a fabulous time designing this wedding and 
we wish the wonderful couple lots of joy and happiness!

Check out the video HERE it has all the fabulous details!

PS: I have designed many white wedding bouquet. No two bouquets
 are the same, though they have the same floral
You can check them out HERE 

Don't forget to check out the video!

Lovely white wedding

One of the most lovely weddings we design last year.
Alyssa and Sal's wedding took place at the 
Marriott Del Mar and Immaculate.
When Alyssa said she wanted an all white wedding, 
I was so happy!!!
(I love white weddings, though I am from India and 
love me some color but there is something 
about white wedding that I just love)
Lovely white peonies, and garden roses and gardenias 
embellished with lots of bling made this bouquet one of our 
all time favorites. Beautiful white floral with white roses, 
hydrangea blooms, calla lilies, and tulips was
paired with our lovely white linen.
Congratulation Alyssa and Sal.
It was a privilege to be a part of your wedding! 

Timeless classic white wedding bouquet.

It's been a fabulous holiday season and I'm back now after a nice 
mini vacation. I enjoyed every single bit of the holiday season.
From shopping, eating, meeting friends and family and lot more. 
I missed home(India) though a little 
bit but California will always be home to me!

We started this year with a big bang, a beautiful fabulous wedding!
I will be posting details soon. For now, a timeless classic white bouquet 
from this past weekends wedding. The bouquet had gardenia and white roses 
which was embellished with feathers, lace, bling and a fabulous broach.
Who said you can't have it all???


Something Blue to walk down the aisle.

If your looking for something blue to walk down the aisle, 
I got that something blue for you!
How about a beautiful bouquet with blue roses, blue orchids,
lavender roses and fragrant gardenia wrapped to make a simple 
yet stunning bouquet.

Tip: Monaco blue is a rich and strong color that having 
a bouquet with only blue roses would looks like splat of ink 
on your dress. So we paired these blue roses roses with gardenia 
to make it elegant and beautiful.

Wedding at US GRANT 

To start a beautiful week, we have a lovely wedding 
at the US Grant. Stephanie carried a lovely bouquet 
with all white roses and gardenias. 
Simple, Elegant and Perfect!
The ceremony was in the Crystal Ballroom with 2 beautiful
tall arrangements with roses, orchids and tulips.
The Crystal Ballroom is simply magnificent with those 
jaw dropping opulent chandeliers!
The reception continued in the Celestial Ballroom with 
tall manzanita trees and striking rich red roses.
This ballroom lights up so beautiful, with lovely vaulted 
ceilings supported by majestic columns.

Its such a double bonus working with a lovely
 Bride and Groom & an Amazing venue.

3 Beautiful Bouquets.

We try and make something different 
yet very similar in some aspects.
Three simple and beautiful white bouquets for this past weekend.
Starting from the left, we have all white roses with fragrant 
gardenias wrapped with beautiful gold lace.
This bouquet is classic and timeless!
The middle one is another gorgeous beauty with full 
open white roses, white cymbidium orchids, calla lilies 
and stephanotis embellished with pearls. 
Many brides love stephanotis, its dainty and beautiful!
The 3rd lovely one is with all white roses with
soft pink cymbidium orchids wrapped with a beautiful
gold lace.
So now you can pick any one of these 3 bouquets and 
you would look fabulous walking down the aisle. 
All white yet with a very slight hint of color!

Timeless Classic Bouquet.

White Roses and Gardenias are a timeless classic
I can "gara-damm-t" that this will never go out of style.

Sheila and Scott's Wedding

Sheila and Scott got married at the Museum of Art
Sheila choose an all white bouquet with all gardenia, 
stephanotis embellished with pearls.
The reception was at the Museum of Art in the sculpture garden.
Casablanca lilies, soft blue hydrangea, roses where the 
flowers that Sheila picked to incorporate throughout the 
wedding! We wish the wonderful couple a happy and
joyous married life together!

Elizabeth and Daniel's Wedding 
on Emerald Hornblower

This was a beautiful wedding for Elizabeth and Daniel 
with all soft palettes on the Emerald Hornblower .
Elizabeth chose the soft lavender, ivory, were her main colors.
For her bouquet we used all soft lavender roses with 
gentle and fragrant gardenia blooms. 
A very simple bouquet yet stands out so Amazing
We followed with the same concept for the reception where vases
were wrapped in satin fabric which added more of the softness to the the table. 
It was wonderful to work with Elizabeth and Daniel and we 
wish them a wonderful married life together.

All Gardenia Bouquet

Gardenia's are an all time classic flower.
It will never go out of style or fashion.
To walk down the aisle with an all Gardenia
bouquet, its fragrance it classic.
This bouquet is embellished with lace & 2 broaches.