A new day, a new design!

I have been trying to drift towards the non-conventional 
centerpiece recently. A traditional tall centerpiece with a
well rounded design is beautiful. However, more and more clients 
I am meeting now a days, want something different.
A different look and style without straying away from the norm.
So I came up with this piece where I used fluffy white hydrangea blooms, 
dainty and elegant calla lilies, full open exquisite soft pink peonies, 
white phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids.
All the same flowers but a different design.
Like they say "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder"

We used a simple white love seat covered with a pewter faux fur
to change up the design. 
For 2013, I predict either sequin or faux fur will hit it big.

Its wonderful time of the year!

It that time of the season where
"Its beginning to look alot like Christmas."
We created this table setting with all red roses and bling!
To impress your guests and create something unique we used
Faux Fur as a table runner and on our benches
with a satin gold linen as an underlay finished with
some gold glassware and flatware!
Even my little doggies wanted to
jump in and pose for a photograph.

This is another table set up where yo can host
your guest at at round table with a little bling as table runner.