Hot pink and black table design | Orchid centerpiece

This design is one of my favorites, specially because 
of the orchids and black lace. Lovely phalaenopsis orchids paired 
with beautiful black lace, silver crowns and 2
rustic Grecian busts makes this table setting sexy and unique.

Tip: Include different and unique elements in your design to give your
table settings, lounge settings, decor a unique and one of a kind look.

Indian photo shoot | Indian shoot at Paradise Point Resort

Last year I designed a photo shoot inspired by the 
vibrant Indian ceremony!
I used lush vibrant roses in orange and pink to design 
the ceremony! 
I will let the image speak for themselves. 

White and Blush Wedding | Wedding at Hyatt Regency La Jolla

A wonderful white and blush wedding we designed at the 
The beautiful bride carried a bouquet with 
all white peonies, garden roses, cataleya orchids and gardenia which 
was embellished with an exquisite gold broach!
The ceremony had 4 lush tall arrangements overflowing with orchids,
roses and hydrangeas, that stood tall on pedestals covered in lace. 
The guest tables had towering tall centerpieces with hanging crystals 
and a lush arrangement that graced all the tables.
We designed 2 family tables that had 2 long bridges
towering over guests flowing with white, blush and pink roses. 
A huge thanks to The Studio of Joseph Guidi 
for the wonderful images. 

You can check out this wedding video HERE
Another part of this wedding is HERE

Vintage inspired centerpiece with a parasol.

How about this vintage inspired centerpiece with a parasol?
This style would be perfect for a bridal shower, baby shower or wedding! 
A lush centerpiece with pink roses, hydrangeas, sit tall on a vases covered 
with beautiful lace. The parasol and feathers gives a little character to the 
Want to see this centerpiece in action. We designed this centerpiece 
for a bridal shower at the Westgate Hotel. Check out the event HERE

White and Pink Wedding at Hyatt Regency La Jolla

We had a wonderful opportunity to design another 
beautiful, opulent wedding filled with white and blush roses,
and plethora of orchids! The beautiful bride carried a bouquet with 
all white peonies, garden roses, cataleya orchids and gardenia which 
was embellished with an exquisite gold broach!

The ceremony had 4 lush tall arrangements overflowing with orchids,
roses and hydrangeas, that stood tall on pedestals covered in lace. 
TIP: Instead of using just 2 designs on either side of the alter,
use 4 of them. It give the church a more lush and opulent look.
Also when the couple is at the alter it frames them perfectly! 
Something to think about!

3 lush designs welcomed guests at the entrance of the ballroom.
For the Reception, we designed 2 family tables that had 2 long bridges
towering over guests flowing with white, blush and pink roses. 
These designs were embellished with hanging crystals, glass globes with 
white feathers to give a very romantic look.
The guest tables had towering tall centerpieces with hanging crystals 
and a lush arrangement that graced all the tables.
We used exquisite gold and ivory lace linen, chargers, linen, and napkins
for every table from our very own personal collection.
(Yes, we are now a full production floral and event design company!) 
We used exquisite broaches to embellish the cake riser that 
stood tall on a gold sequin linen.
It was absolutely wonderful to design this wedding and we wish
the wonderful couple a fabulous life together! 

Marie Antoinette Theme Bridal Shower

Of late, I am obsessed with the French. The decor, style, the opulence, 
fashion are a few to mention. As an event designer I wanted to incorporate 
Marie Antoinette theme and bring the opulence to my designs and this bridal shower 
was the perfect fit for it! 2 Bustier were designed with beautiful pink mini roses 
detailed with fabric to create the opulence dress that the Queen wore! 
It was fitting that a Vanity was included in the design given the theme and 
location (Westgate Hotel) of the shower. A beautiful gold mirror wrapped 
with lush roses, hydrangeas and orchids made it look stunning!

TIP: To leave a lasting impression on your guests (it also keeps them guessing 
what the wedding would look like), give them an experience that 
is imprinted in their hearts and minds.

Vintage inspired centerpiece

I love to create a warm ambiance and a unique experience for my clients!
Create a warm ambiance by adding accents of gold, be it flatware, stemware
chargers, vases, candle holders and a lot more.
Pairing a lovely a soft lavender linen with dainty soft pink roses and
gold accent pieces brings a vintage understated elegance to the table.
Sometimes its not all about the florals, it in the fine details.

Effile tower inspired centerpiece | Paris theme centerpiece

Many are inspired by the french and the level of sophisticated elegance
the french bring to the table. In the design world we look to the
french for inspiration to incorporate the details in our weddings and designs.
From Paris, Effile tower, country side, Versailles, Marie Antoinette are
 few of the many ideas that can be incorporated in a design.
Click on Couture and Paris, Effile tower, country side
Versailles, Marie Anntionette, Vintage and Romantic
 and you will see ArtQuest's rendition of design.

We selected the infamous Effile tower and decided the wrap
the tower with crisp white phaleonopsis orchids.
As much as I wanted to design with roses(which I designed HERE)
I used orchids, as they are a blend of sophistication and elegance.
We paired this centerpiece with a soft lavender satin linen, chargers
flatware and stemware from our personal collection.

This would be perfect for a Bridal shower, Wedding or Baby shower.
I recorded a video of this table setting 
on my Instagram which you can see HERE.

Purple and Silver Wedding | Scripps Seaside Forum Wedding

This is one of the color combinations we love. Lovely rich hues of purple, 
lavender paired with vibrant green. So rich, romantic and elegant. 
The bride carried a lovely purple bouquet with all purple lizianthus
which was embellished with an exquisite broach. The reception was at the 
Scripps Seaside Forum where we used lovely lavender roses, deep purple
lizianthus with accents of green hydrangeas on a silver candelabra.
The guests enjoyed the cocktail hour that overlooked the beautiful ocean.
We used a soft lavender and silver linen from our personal collection.

Check out another wedding at the Scripps Seaside Forum HERE

Yellow and White Wedding | Wedding in La Jolla Cove Suites

Today we are reminiscing those beautiful warm summer days with this beautiful 
yellow and white wedding we designed at the La Jolla Cove Suites.
I love this combination of yellow and white, its elegant, vibrant and a perfect 
fit for a summer wedding. The bouquet our lovely bride carried was with 
yellow cymbidiums, and white garden roses which was wrapped with 
a lovely gold lace. The ceremony had 2 manzanita trees filled with lush 
yellow roses and hydrangeas and a chuppah where the lovely couple 
exchanged their vows. The reception and ceremony overlooked the 
amazing pacific ocean, where guests could see the waves splash 
up against the coast. We designed 2 styles of centerpieces, one a tall
beautiful gold candelabras and the other a short urn with yellow roses 
and white hydrangeas. The bride spent hours making origami cranes that 
were displayed throughout the wedding. It was wonderful experience
 designing this wedding and we wish the wonderful couple a
happy and prosperous married life together. 

Vibrant Design | Colorful Centerpiece

I love and adore neutral, white and blush palette alot. I believe they are 
a wonderful combination for any event. However as a designer I love to 
explore the vibrant color combinations as well. For instance this design
has lush florals with roses and dahlias in a gold vase. I had to pair this 
piece with a my gold sequin linen to give it a luxury effect. 

TIP: As a client you invest the $ on a design. 
So why not make it memorable and something that is imprinted in your 
guest's mind. As much as I love a soft and romantic design, the bold and 
the beautiful will always stand out. Something you for to think about. 

A beautiful Pieris and Stephanotis bouquet

A couple of weeks ago I got a request to design
a bouquet with peris, stephanotis and orchids.
This bouquet with Pieris and Stephanotis is so romantic and beautiful.
I added a few blooms of orchids to add some texture to the bouquet 
and wrapped it with an exquisite gold lace. 
I designed a smaller version,a nosegay for the mothers and halo for the
flower girls with stepanotis and ivy. Perfect for a garden wedding! 
Here is another sample of a pieris bouquet with roses. Click HERE

Composite Bouquet | Cymbidium Orchids Bouquet

A composite bouquet would be a perfect fit to compliment this beautiful fall.
We designed this bouquet with yellow cymbidium orchids. 
The first 2 images are of a simple bouquet that can be used a nosegay.
Simple, yet one of a kind! (perfect for moms).
Check this one out in BURGUNDY RED.
The second half is a beautiful crafted bouquet with petals of an orchids. 
Looking for one of a kind piece, look no further this beauty is for YOU.

Looking for one in white?? Click HERE

PS: This bouquet can be designed in white, green, pink,
yellow, soft pink and chocolate brown.  

Blush Centerpiece | Blush Short Centerpiece

Though we might be in the middle of fall this 
combination of blush, pink and ivory is timeless classic.
We used blush roses, soft pink roses, dahlias, and hydrangeas
to create this lush short centerpiece.
To add to this romantic centerpiece, we paired it with this vintage
inspired antique blue linen. The blue and blush compliment each 
other wonderfully, and not to forget the gold flatware.

Happy Monday you guys! Have a wonderful day!

Sweet Heart Table | White and Orange Centerpiece

We designed a table setting for 2 with beautiful hydrangea blooms, 
white ranunculus, dahlias, and mini roses surrounding a glass orb
with succulents and proteas.
We used a champagne linen and lace from our personal collection
to make it more romantic.
Finished with gold votives and chargers this white
and gold table setting is Oh so romantic and elegant.

It would be a perfect fit for a sweet heart table.
We paired this table with 2 beautiful shabby chic chairs.
You can find more options for Bride and Groom chairs HERE.

Centerpiece with shades of purple and lavender | Lavender and Purple Centerpiece

Shades of purple and lavender are a very 
romantic combination for a centerpiece.
We paired 2 different tones of lavender roses with stock,
green hydrangeas and kale. We used a soft lavender linen for
the table setting with changers and
napkins from our own personal collection.

 Based on the location this centerpiece can be styled differently
with the use for candelabras and vases.
If the location is rustic and vintage we would suggest the use of
candelabras. For a modern palette, a simple clean tall vase will
bring the elegance to the event.

Want to take a look at wedding that we 
styled in shades of purple and lavender.
Take a look at the wedding we designed in La Costa HERE.

Looking for a bouquet to match this centerpiece?

Wedding at NTC Promenade San Diego | Indian Wedding in San Diego

We designed a beautiful Indian wedding at
NTC promenade a couple of weeks ago.
The couple selected a lovely palette of purple, green and gold. 
Purple and gold is rich and warm combination.
We designed a lovely bouquet with purple lizianthus,
green hydrangeas, green cymbidiums and soft pink 
cymbidiums embellished with beautiful peacock broach.

The mandap was designed with magenta orchids 
and was covered in beautiful purple fabric. To give a whimsical
look to the mandap we added curly willow.
We added 2 Indian chairs and ottomans from our personal
collection to the mandap decor.
The entrance of the ceremony made a dramatic statement with
2 Elephants which were covered in beautiful florals
that stood tall to welcome guests.
How adorable are the 2 elephants.

 We designed the place card table with a manzanita trees.
The place card were placed in custom boxes with 

multi color lentils. It was also used as a bangle tree.
The reception had beautiful tall arrangements
flowing with orchids.
We paired them with a gold linen 

and chairs from our personal collection.
Its always a wonderful experience designing an Indian Wedding.